You've got Questions?

We dug up some answers.


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1. What is the host hotel? 

We have two hotel room blocks:

JW Marriot Chicago

Bike Storage $5 a day/per bike

Residence Inn Chicago Downtown/Loop

2. Can I have my bike assembled once it's delivered to CHICAGO?

Yes, book via BIKE FLIGHTS

Our shop of choice is:

Good Speed Cycles

2125 183rd St

Homewood, IL 60430

Rate $100 to pack and unpack the bike.

• If BGDB members ship their bikes to the store, we will re-assemble them and deliver them to Chicago on Friday.

•Members are responsible for setting up bike flights for both ways and making sure the bike is delivered to our store by the Wednesday before the event.

•We will put together a pickup in Chicago either Sunday night or Monday morning to bring bikes back here to re-pack and ship.  


3. Will I be able to rent a bike in Chicago for this event?

Good Speed Cycles

2125 183rd St

Homewood, IL 60430

They will do free delivery for any bikes rented from us for the ride. Availability is limited. 

They will deliver on Friday and do the pickup on Sunday or Monday.

Rental Link:  


4. Additional questions not covered here?